Kosovo Field

Pomoze Bog, and welcome to Kosovo Field. I intend to focus on news and commentary within the context of conflict between Christianity and Islam, as well as on various other topics within my sphere of interest. There are many such websites and blogs on this and other topics, but I hope to bring to this blog credible information and intelligent commentary with limited rhetoric.

Location: California, United States

I am happily married and have three cats besides. Also, I do not believe in astrology and I resent the stupidity of Blogger for including those details.


Pomoze Bog, and Welcome to Kosovo Field.

Welcome to the first official post of Kosovo Field.

The topics which will appear here will be many, but there are certain general trends which you will notice as time goes on.

Firstly, I am a Serbian Orthodox Christian, an American, and a Geocon Conservative. Most posts will reflect those orientations.

Most (but not all) postings will reflect topics of interest to me, whether serious or comical, domestic or international.

I have few rules here, but the few listed below will be strictly adhered to:

1) No excessive vulgarity or abuse of other bloggers will be tolerated, and those responsible will be dealt with...unless it is directed at Cindy Sheehan or an ACLU member.

2) I give tolerance to many positions besides my own, but I will discriminate between serious debate and folly. Liberals are welcome if they behave themselves, although they may be angered at what they read here. That is fine---it shows your shame at being proven wrong once again.

3) Dissenters from my opinions are welcome, but come prepared to defend your positions with credible sources (i.e. nothing by Daily Kos or the Huffington Post, etc.)

4) If you force me to delete your responses because they are obnoxious, I will give you the boot. You then owe me a six-pack of good British beer of my choice before I let you back in.

5) I will tolerate no disrespect of any blogger's Christianity. This is chiseled in stone.

6) Finally, if you don't agree with what I say here, I have three words for you---DEAL WITH IT!

Christ is indeed among us.
Tsar Lazar