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"Are you ready guys? Let's roll over."

So concludes Mark Steyn's outstanding review of the Flight 93 "Crescent of Embrace" outrage. Read this, and then act to get it stopped. Here is the link: http://www.nps.gov/flni/index.htm

UPDATE: Conveniently, the "Contact Us" function doesn't work.
Gee, must be a coincidence, hunh? Either that, or their Webmaster is a Pakistani Muslim who likes the design the way it is...

UPDATE: (9/14) According to Michelle Malkin and confirmed by a visit to the Foundation's website, the far-left Heinz Foundation (chaired by Theresa Heinz-Kerry) is putting up a huge chink of funds ($500,000) to help finance the "memorial." Why isn't this surprising? Here is the Foundation's press statement: http://www.heinz.org/K.asp?loc=K,K2026&whr=c


Blogger kmg said...

Apparently, the designer is conceding to the "overwhelming" expressions of outrage. They are going to change it.

He is not happy, but most Americans will be... including the families of the heroes aboard that flight.

7:55 PM  

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