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Hurrican Sheehan Heading For New Orleans

Cindy Sheehan Moving to New Orleans to Recapture Media Attention Written by Jeremy Robb Tuesday,
September 13, 2005

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana --- Cindy Sheehan announced plans to move to New Orleans in order to make the media pay attention to her again. The protester admitted that she is going through withdrawals and depression since the media stopped listening to her and focused on Hurricane Katrina.
"My story is important," said Cindy. "More important than a few dead people killed by Bush's global warming-induced hurricane. Bush has killed millions of people in Iraq, and the media needs to start listening to me again. Maybe now that I'm in New Orleans I'll get the attention I deserve again."
Cindy is currently on a waiting list to move to New Orleans now that other forgotten politicians and celebrities are rushing to the city for more press coverage. Al Gore and Sean Penn expressed support for Cindy but were concerned she would derail their attempt to get noticed again while they are in New Orleans.


Blogger kmg said...

I, for one, could very easily take this for a factual representation. When people are living stereotypes, it's just that way...

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