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Religion of Peace Update

The AP reports that at least 160 Iraqis were killed and over 500 more wounded in a series of car-bombings sponsored by Al-Qaeda. The perpetrators were Sunni Muslims, the "moderate" school of Islam and the backbone of the terrorist insurgency in Iraq.


The Counterterrorism Blog is reporting that a new group calling itself "Al-Qaeda in Northern Europe" has threatened suicide attacks in that region: "According to an electronic statement issued on September 11, members of the purported Al-Qaida unit announced their intention to "sacrifice our souls and dead bodies for this religion, in order to raise the flag of the mujahideen, and to preserve the souls of the Muslims in the same way that our brothers in Britain have done previously."
An English translation of the Ishmaelite statement can be found here:


TIAFO! ("This is a f--king outrage!")

A Harvard professor, Mohammad-Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou, is arguing in the Boston Globe that the US needs to "understand" Al-Qaeda and that it's time to open a dialogue with them. Only in America would we hire an Ishmaelite "professor" who proceeds to try to sell us out.

To quote the "professor": Sept. 11 was not an unprovoked, gratuitous act.[!] It was a military operation researched and planned since at least 1996 and conducted by a trained commando in the context of a war that had twice been declared officially and publicly. The operation targeted two military locations and a civilian facility regarded as the symbol of US economic and financial power.

We think this is the best argument for banning immigration from Islamic nations that we can think of.
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